Tuesday, November 25, 2008


2 Girls 1 Cup.

Thx Deandre

Jap Bitches Again... Weird.

Schools Push for Ban on Hot Cheetos.

Hear the story here on NPR
Thx (who else but...) Deandre

Traffic Ticket Fail.

Thx Kiji

Crystal Gravy.

Thx Tyrone

Just Married.

Just Married Pics
Thx Pepper

Got That 007 Swag.


perfect form.


alternate last suppers.

would you?

too easy...

this summed up my weekend.

we woke up to this on the fridge.


a man would never do this.


dedicated to all you bastards who went last night.

we posted this a while back... but well... somebody better have gotten me a fucking tee shirt.

free really gay mixtape.

thanks to ghetto gold "nothing better to do in canadia" matthew for uploading this really gay mixtape i had forgotten about. we thought we'd share it with you. im to lazy to get the track list but it has shit from, but not limited to : the rapture, ninjasonik, the blow, young blondes, blonde redhead, liz phair (yes its that gay), feist, the ceasers, and more.



a couple of guys who were up to no goood.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Rotting Human.

Thx Rebel

Monkey Shit.

I got a pocket full of stinkies...


NY Mag Article


Jeff Koons.

Still in its planning stages, Train is a life-sized replica of a 1943 Baldwin steam locomotive that will hang from a crane outside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. (Above, the model of Train in Koons’s studio.) The wheels will turn, the whistle will blow, and at 161 feet in vertical height, it will be visible from miles away. It’s a delirious, death-defying feat of engineering and imagination, and, if it indeed gets built, it will become the first iconic monument of the 21st century.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Alchemist/Snoop Dog/Jadakiss/Pusha T

thx 57

Out of this world.

Kelly Kapowski.


Happy B-Day Marina

On your mark.

Would you?

Quicksilver Ads.


Aggressive In-line.


Game On.

Bush Gets No Love.

Thx Nate

Serious LARP.

Thx Noel

Jack Move.

Thx 57

Things you can't do coked up.

See here
Thx Alanna

50's Educational.

Thx Rebel

Rick Jenkins Analyzes Graffiti.

Thx Kiji