Friday, March 27, 2009

as seen on tv.

nico i still got your cd.

van full of pakistans Pictures, Images and Photos


fuck yes.

you know all you wanted to be when you were little was snake eyes from g.i. joe or max from where the wild things are.

oh yeah... its directed by spike jonze.

look at how slick this mother fucker is. plus timber... added bonus.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

kokomo - no homo

birds with birds.


what the frick? you cant shoot it towards the garage...


ever see a normal bird walking down the street and wonder what her box looks like???

this is what it looks like

thanks to the scum bags at guesshermuff.blogspot i can finally tug it to pictures of real life box instead of craigslist hookers im too broke to drunk dial.



Complex Mag - Before & After.

Thx Blonde

John Crowder - Ecstasy of God 1

Thx Estrada

Numa Numa Guy with Gecko.

Thx Safire

Kamal Haasan - Bollywood Ripper.

Bitches must be on this guy's jock dumb hard.
Wait for the slo-mo. Dude rips.
Thx nHate

I'll take the Physical Challenge.

Thx Sonet

BBW. Poetry In Motion.

Thx Tofer.

Sleep Walking Dogs Rip.

Thx Jupiter

Attn LA Heads, This Saturday:

Support our main homie Mister Rick Rodney.

We win... They Lose.

Nice one Nate.


Masturbating Is Way Too Easy For Kids These Days.

Read This Shit, hahaha
Thx Kiji

Teenager paints 60ft phallus on roof of family home.

Story Here
Thx Kiji