Thursday, July 30, 2009

Best BBQ Ever.

Thx Noel

Meth - Just One Time.

Jim Cap Busting Caps & Twisting Caps

Tigers & Pigs Making It Happen.

The Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Thailand is famous for their unique attractions, fun shows, and the ability for tourists to get close to (and often touch) the tigers. However, the most famous attraction is the couplings of pigs and tigers:

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Ed & Barry.

Agony & Ecstasy.


She got robbed...

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Mixed Blood 1985

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Marilyn Minter - Green Pink Caviar

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Skypage Rips.


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Jewel Wasps Re-visited (ZOMBIE BUGS!)

Did You Know?

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Nah Uhhhh... Not In My House...

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