Friday, October 28, 2011

Super Mario Bros. vs. Violin.

Thx Garcia

Happy Halloween Pt. 2.

Thx Garcia

So Hot So Fresh.

Thx John

Zombie Boy Make Over

Go beyond the cover from Agence Tuxedo on Vimeo.

Go Beyond The Cover: Behind the Scenes from Agence Tuxedo on Vimeo.

Attn. LA: Tonite... DJ GARCIA is in the building.


Theotis & Dill Sponsor Me Review #35.

Thx Patrick

Johnny Depp vs. Ricky Gervais.

Duck Sauce - Big Bad Wolf.

Thx Todd

A Special Shout Out To All You Meter Maids.

Fuck You Too.

Happy Halloween Fuckers.

Thx Neil Nice

Finally... The Video of You.

Zahia Dehar in The Cat Cave by Nick & ChloƩ (Official) from Zahia Officiel on Vimeo.

666 Mafia.

Fuck The Police.

Haring RIP.

NY Shit.


SF Shit.

Seo RIP.

Jersey Shit.

Nace RIP.

LA Shit.

Ayer RIP.

Halloween Rips.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011



Thx Risha

What are y'all supposed to be? Assholes?

Wild Out.


Thx Gerald




Attn. LA: Oct. 27th Support The Homie Shaniqwa.

Attn. LA: November 12th - Hedi Slimane.

Thx Daniel

White People.

Thx Jamie

I've never felt more like a lion hunting zebras.

Thx Jonez


Thx Jessica

Shoulda Listened to Dingell.

Thx Boracho

A Tribe Called Quest - We Got the Jazz (Remix)

Thx Izzak

Who's The Lucky Guy.

Thx Nate

China... You Crazy For This One Kid.

Thx Nate

Pizza Party.

Thx Kiji