Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Great Rack.

Nature Sounds.

FTP Reason #937,988,209,451,098,287.

Girl Fight (Watch 'til the end).

Art Immitates Life.

What is "You only live once," Alex.

The Sandwich Nazi.

The Sandwich Nazi from Lewis Bennett on Vimeo.

Dhananjay - Let Me Love You.

Thx Ray

Dhananjay The First - Lonely Throne.

Thx Sweets

Dhananjay the First - Say My Name.

Thx Sweets & Ray

iPhone Quick Draw.

Thx Jamie

MakoOsh - Beezin'.

Thx Jamie

Urinal Fail.

Thx Jamie

Frankie Hill.

Classic Beastie Boys Tees I wish I still had.

Over The Edge - 1979 Trailer.

Matt Dillon's first film and Kurt Cobain's favorite film as well.

Japanese Program:


A single sheet flyer for some oddly politically motivated benefit screenings of the film in 1981. The text on the reverse reads 'showings are $2.00 and for an additional dollar you can stay for a band after the movie.' Yes please! 'A benefit for the Committee Against The Kidnapping of Mao Defendants Daughter.'

Sassy - April 1992.

Monday, May 5, 2014